A comprehensive directory of building & construction companies in Hong Kong.


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URA joins hands with Government departments to help operators affected by Graham Street fire inciden

With regard to the fire incident which took place at the Graham Market in Central a few days ago, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) together with the relevant Government departments have been in close contact with the affected stall operators in the past few days to understand the situation and their needs, with an aim to offer corresponding compassionate assistance and help them resume their business ...more

16 Building Plans Approved

THE BUILDINGS DEPARTMENT APPROVED 16 BUILDING PLANS IN JUNE – FOUR ON HONG KONG ISLAND AND 12 IN THE NEW TERRITORIES. Nine were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, three for commercial developments, two for factory and industrial developments, and two for community services developments. Consent was given for works to start on 12 building projects which will provide 128,598 sq m of ...more

CEDD Awarded Contract For Cross Bay Link, Tseung Kwan O – Main Bridge And Associated Works

THE CIVIL ENGINEERING AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (CEDD) AWARDED A CONTRACT AT A SUM OF ABOUT $2,586 MILLION IN END JUNE 2018 TO CHINA ROAD AND BRIDGE CORPORATION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF MAIN BRIDGE OF CROSS BAY LINK, TSEUNG KWAN O. At present, Wan Po Road is the only road linking the south-eastern part of TKO to other areas. The Cross Bay Link project will provide an alternative access route to the ...more

Water Treatment Agreement Awarded

THE WATER SUPPLIES DEPARTMENT TODAY AWARDED A $54 MILLION CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT FOR THE SIU HO WAN WATER TREATMENT WORKS EXTENSION. The extension project aims to double the Siu Ho Wan Water Treatment Works’ water treatment capacity to 300,000 cubic metres per day to cope with future water demand in North Lantau. The scope of the agreement, awarded to Black & Veatch Hong Kong, comprises carrying out ...more


市區重建局(市建局)將於明天(星期三)就深水埗青山道/元州街發展項目,邀請有興趣參與的發展商提交合作發展意向書。 青山道/元州街發展項目地盤面積約1,650平方米,於2014年2月展開。項目完成後,預計可提供上限約為14,840平方米的總樓面面積。 成功中標的發展商須按發展協議中列明有關標準與品質、可持續發展和智能系統的要求興建新發展項目。其中智能系統包括家居用電丶用水量系統、家居保健系統、智能顯示屏、家居廢物管理系統、建築信息模型系統及樓宇管理系統,以提供一個可持續發展的生活環境。 有關提交該項目的合作發展意向書的資料,將於明天上載至市建局網頁(www.ura.org.hk)和刊登於多份本地報章。有意參與合作發展該項目的發展商,可在本局的總辦事處索取邀請書,然後將已填妥及簽署的回覆表格,連同所需提供表明其發展經驗和財政能力符合市建局訂定的合作發展要求和條件的資料,一併交回市建局。所有意向書必須在2018年8月16日(星期四)中午十二時前,送抵香港皇后大道中183號中遠大廈26樓市建局總辦事處。在上述指定時間後收到的任何意向書概不受理。 ...more

Henderson Land Purchases More Sites

HENDERSON LAND DEVELOPMENT (0012) HAS ACQUIRED OWNERSHIP OF PROPERTIES AT 30-32, 34, 36, 38 AND 40 GILLIES AVENUE SOUTH, AS WELL AS 75-77 BAKER STREET IN HUNG HOM FOR A TOTAL OF ABOUT HK$1.45 BILLION, ACCORDING TO KNIGHT FRANK. Henderson executive director Augustine Wong Ho-ming said the company is waiting for approval of the compulsory sales order. If successful, the aggregate gross floor area may ...more

再接再厲 奧雅納再為本港建設區域供冷系統

奧雅納自1999年起全力投入建設啟德發展區首個區域供冷系統,最近再獲機電工程署(機電署)委任,將於東涌新市鎮擴展(東部)設計及建造區域供冷系統。 區域供冷系統為本港可持續基建發展重要一環。系統利用海水在中央供冷站製造冷凍水,再通過配水管網絡把冷凍水輸送到區內用戶樓宇作空調之用,既帶來營運及能源效益,同時令供冷系統更為可靠及對樓宇設計提供更大彈性。 基於啟德區域供冷系統的成功,政府正計劃於其他新發展區使用區域供冷系統,包括東涌新市鎮擴展(東部)。新系統將覆蓋包括酒店、辦公室、體育中心、警署、消防局和零售場所的非住宅項目,總空調樓面面積約為 778,400 平方米。奧雅納於今年5月底正式獲機電署委任,將負責新系統設計及建造工作。系統預計總製冷量約為 123 兆瓦,設計現正進行覆檢,而建造階段則將視乎填海工程進度而定。 參與新建區域供冷系統工作體現奧雅納一直利用創新設計及卓越經驗,致力協助香港政府達成《香港都市節能藍圖》中訂立的節能目標,為應對氣候變化出力。 ...more

15 Building Plans Approved

THE BUILDINGS DEPARTMENT APPROVED 15 BUILDING PLANS IN MAY – FIVE ON HONG KONG ISLAND, SIX IN KOWLOON AND FOUR IN THE NEW TERRITORIES. Eight were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, three for commercial developments, two for factory and industrial developments, and two for community services developments. Consent was given for works to start on 11 building projects which will provide ...more

Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology 2018 to be held concurrently with Parking China and Smart I

The 2018 edition of SIBT will be held from 3 – 5 September 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. This year, SIBT will be held together with not only SSHT, but also Parking China and SISS to showcase intelligent building technologies and solutions for building and factory energy saving, smart traffic applications and smart hotels solutions. The fair is committed to presenting the ...more

16 Land Transactions In Q2

Six transactions were on Hong Kong Island, four in Kowloon and six in the New Territories. There were no private treaty grants registered during the period. The transactions realised a total land premium of $2.06 billion. ...more
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