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Collection Group Ltd  
Collection Group Ltd
Braille and Tactile Floor Plan & Audible System Provide design, supply and installation; Validation by Hong Kong Blind Union to fulfill requirements of Design Manual, colour contrast, luminous
Braille and Tactile Floor Plan & Audible System
Collection Group Ltd  
Collection Group Ltd
Omega® Compact Laminate for toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, lockers, benches, partitions, wall panels, cabinets, shelves, furnitures… Highly stable & durable, high resistance to water,
Omega® Collection-C Series Toilet Cubicle & Lockers System
Collection Group Ltd  
Collection Group Ltd
Non-porous, no bacteria, molds and moisture; Durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and repairable;10-year limited material warranty from manufacturer; Widely used for counter-tops,
Omega® Solid Surfacing for Counter-Tops
Collection Group Ltd  
Collection Group Ltd
● Well recognized by international customers in Europe, the United States, Africa, South America,China, Singapore, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Macau, Hong Kong…. ● Varieties of colour for
Likeair®Aluminium Composite Panel (Australia origin)
Concrete Repair Technology Ltd  建修科技有限公司
Concrete Repair Technology Ltd
Additional & Alterations Work, Building Maintenance, Demolition of Illegal Structure, Epoxy & Polyurethane Injection, Industrial Flooring, Refurbishment and Renovation, Re-roofing Works,
Repair Technology
Greensart Ltd  綠悅有限公司
Greensart Ltd
Mythic does not contain carcinogens, toxins, solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is accepted for LEED certified projects. It is washable and safe for use around children, pets and the
Mythic Non-Toxic Paint
Greensart Ltd  綠悅有限公司
Greensart Ltd
This product is applicable to concrete, sand lime bricks, red bricks, cement sand walls. It can serve as the waterproof, leak-proof, mould-proof and dirt-proof layer on external walls.
NPA Transparent Waterproof Emulsion
Marvel Harvest Ltd  萬隆哈佛士有限公司
Marvel Harvest Ltd
Bond Ema Grout is a one-component type water leakage prevention emulsion. Its specially modified EVA emulsion gives an excellent waterproofing property where concrete cracking and mortar separation
Bond Ema Grout
Mo Kee Engineering Ltd  
Mo Kee Engineering Ltd
- Building Renovation Contractors - Building Repairing & Maintenance Services - Concrete Repairing Services - Construction Services - General Building Contractors - Signage Systems & Contractors -
Mo Kee
Surveying & Construction Consulting Co  量築工程顧問樓
Surveying & Construction Consulting Co
Water color dye test
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