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Essex Building Materials Ltd  中宜建材有限公司

Unit A 14/F Gold King Industrial Building 35-41 Tai Lin Pai Road
Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong

ESSEX specialised in supply of waterproofing materials, bonding agents, tile adhesives and grout, self smoothing compound, waterstops, joint fillers, insulation board and fire protection materials, sport flooring and asphalt products. ...more
Essex Building Materials Ltd and their product :  We do the BEST!
- Fire Proofing - Waterproofing - Wall Coating - Flooring System - Expansion Joint - Insulation Material - Bonding Agent - Acoustic System ...more

Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd  富斯樂有限公司

2001-2 Pacific Plaza 410 Des Voeux Road West
Hong Kong

Fosroc is one of the world's leading specialist construction chemicals suppliers and has been over 43 years of experience in Hong Kong and adjacent regions. Fosroc's repair mortars, flooring and waterproofing systems have been widely accepted by innumerable architects, engineers and specifiers gloabally. We are also the leader in providing electrochemical solution for longterm concrete repairs. ...more
Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd and their product :  Proofex Engage
Pre-applied waterproofing and gasproofing membrane for concrete basements, liftpits, carparks and other water excluding structure, it conforms to the requirements of BS EN 13967:2004 and achieved waterproofing to Grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined in BS 8102:2009. Proofex Engage is a unique patented waterproof membrane comprising a cell mesh bond to a blended polyethylene / polypropylene membrane, it is ...more

Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd and their product :  Trafficguard UR150
Trafficguard UR150 is a polyurethane traffic deck system designed to provide an added level of protection to new and existing, trafficked area. It is provides UV resistant with multi-layer flooring system comprising a primer, flexible topcoat and wear course. The components are applied in the liquid phase and react chemically to form a tough, flexible and waterproofing protective surface. ...more

Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd and their product :  Supercast PVC Waterstops
The Supercast range of PVC waterstops is designed to provide an integral sealing system for movement and construction joints in concrete cast in-situ. These joints typically occur in the water retaining and water excluding structures which comprised sewage tanks, culverts, basement podium areas and retaining walls. The range of waterstop consists of centrally placed profiles and external profiles. ...more

Fosroc Hong Kong Ltd and their product :  Renderoc HB40
For the reinstatement of large areas of concrete and for small, localized patch repairs. Renderoc HB40 is alkaline in nature and will protect embedded steel reinforcement. It is specifically designed for vertical and overhead locations where medium compressive strength (40 MPa) repair work which is used blend of dry powers, mixed with clean water can be produced a highly consistent medium weight r ...more

Oriental Gateway Enterprise Ltd  東偉企業有限公司

Room 18B Hoover Industrial Building 26-38 Kwai Cheong Road
Kwai Hing, N.T. Hong Kong

Oriental Gateway Enterprise Ltd and their product :  Woodplus
Woodplus ULTRA 10-Translucent Acrylic Coating Woodplus OPAQUE 20-Opaque Deck & Siding Finish -ECO-friendly ; No solvent -Clean-up with Soap & water -Durable & Robust -Exterior & Interior -100% Acrylic -Easy To Use ...more

Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd  永聯結(遠東)有限公司

16th Floor 3 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai Hong Kong

Since 1969 in the UK and 1985 in Hong Kong Ronacrete manufacture a wide range of specialist building products used from foundations to fit out to refurbishments covering Waterproofing, Concrete Repair, Coatings, Flooring & Bonding. Products are variously approved by HKHA, ASD, Highways Department, HKCI via their Product Conformity Certification Schemes and we are active contributors to Hong Kong C ...more
Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd and their product :  Ronafix
Ronafix is a high performance Agrément Board certified water based SBR polymer liquid additive for cement mortars which enhances physical and chemical properties, allows mortars to be placed in thin section, provides waterproofing and resistance to frost and promotes adhesion to building surfaces. ...more

Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd and their product :  Ronafix
Ronafix is a unique high performance water based proprietary polymer admixture for cement mortars, screeds and renders. It significantly enhances physical and chemical properties, allows mortars to be placed in thin section, provides waterproofing, increased durability, enhanced resistance to wear and promotes adhesion to building surfaces. Ronafix has an long track record in Hong Kong with unriv ...more

Sika Hongkong Ltd  西卡香港有限公司

Room 1507-12 Block A New Trade Plaza 6 On Ping Street
Sha Tin, N.T. Hong Kong

Sika Hongkong Ltd and their product :  Sika Sarnafil
Sika Sarnafil is the worldwide market leader in thermoplastic membrane technology. Modern roofing calls for innovative and lasting solutions. With more than 50 years of roofing and waterproofing experience on buildings of all types and in many diverse climates, we set the bar for quality when it comes to watertight protection. Our systems accommodate the visions of architects and meet the durabili ...more

Bumatech Co Ltd  標馬有限公司

Unit 1802, Park Building 476 Castle Peak Road
Kowloon Hong Kong