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Company Product & Service Description
CMSA Co Ltd  時富建材有限公司

Room 2204, 22/F Laurels Industrial Centre 32 Tai Yau Street
San Po Kong Kowloon

CMSA specializes in the following construction products:
'3M SCOTCHCAST' Concrete & Plaster Reinforcing Fiber
'BENTOFIX' Bentonite Waterproofing
'C-DRAIN' Drainage Mat
'CMS-ML' Green Slope System
'COMBIGRID' Soft Ground Geogrid
'CPP' Subsoil Drainage Pipe
'CONTECH' Green Roof System
'JPC-INTAN' Vitrified Clay Pipe
'MEADRAIN' Polymer Concrete Drainage Channel
MEADRAIN® Precasted Polymer Concrete U-Channel
With MEADRAIN® the success of the drainage system in the China Pavilion of Shanghai Expo is guaranteed. In pedestrian areas, parks, city and suburban roads or even special areas such as industrial estates or airports, with MEADRAIN® there is a system to suit all applications. It doesn't matter whether you decide to use our comprehensive range of polymer ...more

Project: 2008 Olympic Horse Competition Lagoon, HK Jockey Club   Bentofix, the original needle-punched membrane for waterproofing, consists of a continuous layer of natural sodium bentonite, nonwoven geotextile and a slit film woven geotextile. The components are needle-punched uniformly together across the entire membrane. A second layer of bentonite is impregnated into the nonwoven component to ...more

Acme Sanitary Ware Co Ltd  益美潔具有限公司

1/F Acme Building 22 Nanking Street
Kowloon Hong Kong

Acme Sanitary Ware Co Ltd was established in 1949 and incorporated in 1956. In the early 1980's, Acme was already one of the leading distributors of sanitary fixtures and fittings with substantial customers base. Acme was appointed authorized distributor of American Standard in Hong Kong and Macau.
Acme is the very first company of this nature involving in projects in Mainland China ever since the
The Evolution of Design and Technology   Inspired by form and simplicity, Acacia Evolution design exhibits soft, thin edges. It is also technologically equipped with a powerful flushing system, anti-bacterial touch-points and other revolutionary enhancements.   DOUBLE VORTEX : Maximum flushing performance Minimum water usage RIMLESS : Hygienic and easy to clean PROGUARD: Guards against water ...more

Arnhold & Co Ltd  安利有限公司

6/F Victoria Centre 15 Watson Road
North Point Hong Kong

Established in 1866, Arnhold is a leading name in the distribution of bathroom products, building material and engineering equipment, as well as in the manufacturing of natural stone products in Hong Kong and the Mainland. As a multi-discipline group, Arnhold represents some of the finest brand names in the fields and serves an extensive network of customers including property developers, contractors, ...more
Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet, combines unmatched design and cutting edge technologies to bring you the ultimate in personal comfort and cleansing. The front sensors react to movements to activate lid open and close and adjust seat height. Offering built-in personalized bidet functionality, Numi’s self-cleaning wand features multiple options for water spray pattern, position, water pressure and ...more

The Composed faucet collection exemplifies refinement among KOHLER's products as it forms an original composition that is at once unique yet comfortably familiar. Timeless and deliberate, the Composed faucet embodies the beautifully understated elements of minimalist design. By eliminating unnecessary details, the Composed faucet is designed to elicit an emotional response with its stark beauty. With ...more

Oceantec Co Ltd  海洋科技有限公司

Unit B 12/F Chinaweal Centre 412-424 Jaffe Road
Wan Chai Hong Kong

Oceantec Company is a Hong Kong-based company with more than 30 years of local experience in trading and engineering services provision for construction and industrial products, including J-Press stainless steel fitting, Era UPVC pipe and fittings, Hallmark copper pipe and fittings, Loro pipes, Beele seal penetration, Ultrafog high-pressure watermist firefighting protection system, Unifrax thermal ...more
FireMaster® FastWrap® XL is a flexible blanket composed of high temperature fibers classified for applications to 2192°F (1200°C) and fully encapsulated in a durable glass fiber reinforced foil facing for easy handling and installation. FastWrap XL is UL and ULC Listed for 1 and 2 hour fire resistive enclosure protection, zero clearance for kitchen exhaust ducts, electrical circuit protection, and ...more

Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co., Ltd. is a domestic well-known large group enterprise and its multi-operations cover the research and production of pump, valve and fluid transportation system, electronic control system and environmental protection equipments. Accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc. international management system arrivals, this group is striving to implement ERP Information ...more

Ultra’s High Pressure Water Mist Systems offer intelligent fire fighting solutions for rapid suppression in critical asset environments such as factory processes, machinery and plant spaces, computer rooms, laboratories, historic buildings, power generation, telecommunications and restaurants with deep fat fryers. Ultrafog® High Pressure Water Mist System Ultrafog® is a Class 1 High Pressure Water ...more

We stock various types of pipe and fittings! Including J-Press stainless steel fitting, Era UPVC pipe and fittings, Hallmark copper pipe and fittings, Loro pipes, etc. Your enquires are most welcome! ...more

Emco Novus International Ltd  

Unit 1108, 11/F Tower 1 Grand Central Plaza 138 Shatin Rural Committee Road
Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong


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