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Company Product & Service Description
Arnhold & Co Ltd  安利有限公司

6/F Victoria Centre 15 Watson Road
North Point Hong Kong

Established in 1866, Arnhold is a leading name in the distribution of bathroom products, building material and engineering equipment, as well as in the manufacturing of natural stone products in Hong Kong and the Mainland. As a multi-discipline group, Arnhold represents some of the finest brand names in the fields and serves an extensive network of customers including property developers, contractors, ...more
Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet, combines unmatched design and cutting edge technologies to bring you the ultimate in personal comfort and cleansing. The front sensors react to movements to activate lid open and close and adjust seat height. Offering built-in personalized bidet functionality, Numi’s self-cleaning wand features multiple options for water spray pattern, position, water pressure and ...more

Veil provides three preset automatic clean modes - the Soft Wash function is equipped with a 78-holed forwardly-positioned nozzle, able to gently cleanse with air-infused water; the Spiral Wash, with strong spiral spray, cleans any surface effectively; and the Pulsating Wash, with intermittent spray, generates a massaging effect while cleansing. The Back and Forth Swing Wash setting allows users to ...more